Data Centre

We are ready to embrace the future because we advance with time

Unrivalled Data Centre Infrastructure

As one of the leading data centre infrastructure providers, TGT currently provides customers with bespoke, professional management services and reliable Cloud Computing service through numerous TIA-942 Rated 3+ world-class data centre halls in Hong Kong and Mainland, TGT has been an exemplary model of quality service provider in the region.

TGT has expanded its business to Mainland in 2007, we has established numerous data centre halls in Mainland, locating in Dalian, Dongguan, Harbin and Jinan. Together with the other two TGT’s data cetres in Hong Kong, TGT can accommodate up to 17,600 server racks.

The unparalleled infrastructure of the facility offers a high-availability environment with business continuity, ensuring our customer’s mission-critical operations are always secure without compromise. TGT’s data centre hall cluster becomes an excellent platform for Mainland enterprises to expand overseas markets and for overseas companies to serve Mainland users.


Competitive Edge

Picture1  Networked Data Centre: forms a data centre cluster that connects Hong Kong and major economic areas in Mainland, offering comprehensive operation management and quality services

Picture1 Excellent and Professional Management: compliance with ISO14001, ISO20000, ISO27001, CSA Star, FISC, GB50174-2018 and HKSAR Government’s Level II Security Guidelines

Picture1  World Class Infrastructure: fully complies with the TIA-942 Tier 3+ international standard

Picture1  Carrier-neutral: we committed to offering access to major telecommunications carriers