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Cloud Computing

The digital economy is driving a new age of cloud services demand. By integrating reliable, high speed connectivity and world-class data centres, TGT is providing both public and private cloud offerings of secured privacy and high flexibility to meet the growing needs of customers in Hong Kong.

    • Private Cloud – Provides access to enterprise class infrastructure at a fraction of cost with total accessibility, elasticity and higher security and privacy.
    • Public Cloud – No need to worry about software installation, hardware, software licenses, obsolete software, high upgrade cost and more.

Affordable – Scalable – Streamlined

TGgo offers cloud solutions for every business and IT need. With a robust cloud computing platform, enterprises can enjoy a flexible and easily managed cloud resources with rapid elasticity and benefit from lower CAPEX (minimal IT manpower and new hardware/software requirement, hassle-free licensing issue) and, equally important, the company is not distracted from focusing on their core mission – growing the business.

tgconnect is a quality brand of TGT and provides premium telecom services to designated residential properties of Henderson Land Development Company Limited (Henderson). With an aim to enable our customers a carefree lifestyle, tgconnect supports all the latest intelligent home systems installed at Henderson’s premium developments and can tailor other highly advanced residential telecom services specifically to the needs of individual residents. Sophisticated, dynamic digital facilities are merely a call away.

Hybrid Cloud

Other than public and private cloud, we also provide hybrid cloud offerings with public cloud flexibility and private cloud confidence. Contact us for more details.