TGT Dalian Data Centre 1

Customises A Wide Range Of Services And Solutions To Meet Varied Customer Needs



TGT Dalian Data Centre 1 is equipped with advanced and unparalleled infrastructure, ensuring to provide a safe and stable environment and customising a wide range of services and solutions to customers.



Products & Services

Site Resources

  • Server Room Leasing
  • Server Room Planning And Construction Services
  • Equipment Entry And Exit Support Services

Managed Services

  • 7×24 Maintenance Service
  • Technical Consultation Service

Data Services

  • Data Storage
  • Archiving
  • Backup And Recovery
  • Disaster Recovery

Networking Services

  • Internet access
  • Private Network Access
  • Private Line, IP Sec VPN, MPLS VPN, International VPN Channel
  • VPN Channels over the Internet and Private Lines