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TGT “Cloud + Network” Solution Assists Enterprises in Developing Mainland and Hong Kong Markets

March 9, 2023

Since the resumption of normal traveler clearance between Mainland and Hong Kong last month, trade and economic exchanges between Mainland and Hong Kong have increased, and the economy is gradually recovering. It is now an excellent time to explore the markets. TGT has launched a one-stop cross-border “Cloud + Network” Solution that combines cloud platform, network and data center services under one roof, no matter where you are in Mainland or Hong Kong, you can maintain instant communication with your colleagues and clients.

Seamless Cross-Border Connection to Ensure Unimpeded Data Transmission
The solution provides a dedicated point-to-point network solution, setting up more than 50 points of presence (POP) that connect to major cities in Mainland with direct connection. We provide our customers with low latency, security, stability, as well as unobstructed cross-border communication and data transmission.

Private Cloud Platform with Excellent Reliability
Our point-to-point connection serves as strong network support, and it is connected to the private cloud platform in TGT’s self-built data center. By providing customers with flexible, scalable, and efficient private cloud space, they can perform computing, storage and backup in a more convenient and faster way.

TGT Hong Kong Data Centre Secures Your Data
TGT Hong Kong Data Centre is built in accordance with TIA-942 Rated 3+ international standard, and has obtained a number of international certifications, such as CSA Star and ISO certification, etc., To ensure a safe and stable service environment, the data center is monitored year-round and equipped with uninterrupted power supply system.

One-stop Solution to Reduce Human Resource Costs
The solution meets different business needs with the all-in-one service. Maintenance is handled by TGT professional technicians and no software or hardware needs to be purchased by the customers, which greatly saves operating costs and office space, enabling businesses to rapidly expand in Mainland and Hong Kong.

TGT’s cross-border “Cloud + Network” Solution creates the strongest cloud networking service to support enterprises to develop cross-border business exchange. Through this service, customers are able to achieve maximum advantages at the lowest cost, and their competitiveness in Mainland and Hong Kong markets is also enhanced.