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TGT was Awarded 2019 CAHK Star Awards “Innovative Data Centre – Gold”

October 17, 2019


TGT is honored to be awarded Innovative Data Centre – Gold ” by the Communications Association of Hong Kong (CAHK) in the 2019 CAHK STAR Awards. The awards are in recognition of TGT’s remarkable commitment to excellence and innovation with our data centre, together with the support of our professional service team, we provide quality service to our customer.

About the Awards

CAHK STAR awards (S-Superior T-Teamwork A-Advance R-Recognition) bestows industry recognition on companies that have shown their excellence and innovation throughout the year in differ net streams. Launched in 2015, these awards recognize the efforts of many within our ICT industry, who are working hard to meet the evolutionary forces presented by combined technological, economic, political, and social factors.