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HKBN and TGT Bolster Strategic Cooperation Accelerating Network Expansion and Service Offerings to Seize Market Opportunities

July 5, 2017

HKBN Group (“HKBN”) and Towngas Telecom (“TGT”) announced today that they will further bolster their strategic cooperation to increase their presence and service offerings in both residential and corporate telecom markets. Through their two joint ventures, namely, BROADBANDgo and TGgo, HKBN and TGT will expedite expansion of their fibre network coverage and enhance their cloud solution offerings.

Leveraging HKBN’s fibre and Wi-Fi technology expertise and TGT’s infrastructure coverage advantage, BROADBANDgo allows tenants of designated residential properties to enjoy outstanding, great-value Internet connectivity. As this partnership advances, BROADBANDgo will also expand fibre network coverage to low-density and remote residential areas. It is anticipated that many households currently not covered by the fibre networks of HKBN and TGT will benefit from BROADBANDgo’s service.

Supported by HKBN’s robust sales channels and TGT’s specialisation in advanced cloud computing services, TGgo offers one-stop cloud-based solutions that include Infinite Server, Infinite Backup and GOEZ!, helping businesses largely minimise their upfront investment costs and streamline application deployment processes. Looking ahead, TGgo will continue to develop top-notch cloud solutions such as cloud storage, virtual desktop and site recovery to meet the evolving needs of different industries and HKBN Enterprise Solutions customers.

HKBN CEO and Co-Owner William Yeung said, “Our strategic partnership with TGT demonstrates what’s possible when two innovative leaders join hands to achieve a dual-win situation. We are geared up to capture more business opportunities in both the residential and corporate markets, bringing customers best-in-class telecom solutions at highly competitive prices.”

Head of Telecommunications Business of Towngas Group and TGT General Manager Joseph Lai said, “I sincerely hope that we can collaborate in bringing more innovative services to our customers while at the same time helping the industry to foster. Especially the all-in-one cloud services GOEZ! for SME and catering industry, offering a simple and satisfying business operating experience with our high speed Internet and other business applications, just like what ancient Chinese saying the ‘Seven Necessities’ to begin a day. And today’s announcement represents another important milestone in the growth of our business in the telecom and cloud area.”